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                                    號碼(No.): CC/2018/B0082A     日期(Date): 2018/11/16      頁數(Page): 1 of 17
     Test Report

    嵩陽工業股份有限公司                                                                                    *CC/2018/B0082A*

    以下測試樣品係由申請廠商所提供及確認 (The following sample(s) was/were submitted and identified by/on
    behalf of the applicant as):
    送樣廠商(Sample Submitted By)         :  嵩陽工業股份有限公司 (SONYUNG INDUSTRY CO., LTD.)
    樣品名稱(Sample Description)         :   SUPPORT UNIT (支撐座)
    收件日期(Sample Receiving Date)      :   2018/11/08
    測試期間(Testing Period)             :   2018/11/08 TO 2018/11/14


    測試需求(Test Requested)         : 依據客戶指定,參考REACH之Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006的公告進行以下測試 / As specified
                                    by client, the sample(s) was/were tested with reference to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006
                                    concerning the REACH.
                                    (1) 191項高關注物質候選清單,於2018年06月27日公告 / 191 Substances of Very High Concern
                                    (SVHC). Candidate list is published on June 27, 2018
                                    (2) 6項高關注物質建議清單,於2018年09月04日公告 / 6 Substances of Very High Concern
                                    (SVHC). Proposed list is published on September 04, 2018
    測試結果(Test Results)           : 請參閱下一頁 (Please refer to following pages).
    總結(Summary)                  : 根據歐洲法院對於REACH規範下成品定義的裁決以及指定範圍和分析技術,送測樣品中所選擇的零部
                                    件成品的高關注物質(SVHC) 測試結果濃度均小於0.1%(w/w) / According to the ruling of the
                                    Court of Justice of the European Union on the definition of an article under REACH, and
                                    the specified scope as well as analytical technique, the test results of the selected
                                    component article are ≤ 0.1% (w/w) in the submitted sample(s).

          This document is issued by the Company subject to its General Conditions of Service printed overleaf, available on request or accessible at
          and, for electronic format documents, subject to Terms and Conditions for Electronic Documents at Attention is
          drawn to the limitation of liability, indemnification and jurisdiction issues defined therein. Any holder of this document is advised that information contained hereon reflects the Company’s
          findings at the time of its intervention only and within the limits of client’s instruction, if any. The Company’s sole responsibility is to its Client and this document does not exonerate parties
          to a transaction from exercising all their rights and obligations under the transaction documents. This document cannot be reproduced, except in full, without prior written approval of the
          Company. Any unauthorized alteration, forgery or falsification of the content or appearance of this document is unlawful and offenders may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
          Unless otherwise stated the results shown in this test report refer only to the sample(s) tested.
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